Where it All Began

It was the early 1980’s when University of Florida President, Dr. Robert Marston, had a vision to develop an office and research park where UF technology projects could help private start-ups become successful, world-changing companies. In 1987, ground was broken in the City of Alachua and the first building, the 59,000 sq. ft. Progress Center was constructed.




    Today, Progress Park is home to over 30 companies and 1,100 employees. Over 60 biotechnology startups have graduated from the Incubator and become self-sufficient companies or were acquired. It has also helped other technology parks to spring up in close proximity, which have banded together to comprise the Progress District.

    About Concept Companies

    Known for developing spaces and places that cultivate a healthier tomorrow, Concept Companies offers a wide range of services in real estate and general construction. We have a long history of creating environments that allow families, communities and businesses, especially those in the biotechnology sector, to flourish. The Progress District is the culmination of our vision to give companies, whether they’re startups or established organizations, a place to grow and make a positive impact.

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